Why is Mouth Guard Important While Playing Sports?

Why Is Mouth Guard Important While Playing Sports?

September 18, 2019

Whenever your child engages in any sports activity, it’s important for them to wear a sports mouth guard for protection of their teeth and gums from sports injury. Though it’s a proud moment for every parent to see their child participating in sports, it is important to take care of their dental well being as well.

The way you arrange for sports gear and shoes for your child, the mouth guard is a must for them. A sudden hit or blow can injure your child’s mouth badly and may also result in chipped or knocked out tooth, says the Pediatric Dentist in 77098. Let’s explore the importance of wearing mouth guards during sports activities.

Protection for the Teeth

A hit by the elbow or ball to the mouth can lead to fractures, which can lead to broken or chipped tooth. It can also lead to avulsion, which happens when the entire tooth is knocked out along with its root. The mouth guard is flexible and works as a protective barrier preventing your child’s teeth from damage, says the Pediatric Dentist Houston, TX.

Guarding the Tongue and Cheek

Apart from the teeth, mouth guard also protects your child’s tongue and cheek against lacerations, which can happen due to biting down during a sudden blow to the mouth.

Supporting Proper Alignment

If your child’s head or mouth gets hit hard, the mouth guard will help in keeping the jaw aligned properly. This will prevent any chances of jaw dislocation or tooth damage.

Concussion Prevention

According to the Houston Pediatric Dentistry, studies have proven that athletes wearing a mouth guard have lower risk of injuries. The mouth guard offers extra padding, which helps in absorbing the shock and minimizing the impact from the jaw providing a head and neck stability.

Every child must be protected while enjoying their favorite sport. Whenever your child will engage in any kind of sports, the risk of injury will always be there. It is your responsibility as parents to take proper care of your child’s dental health by getting customized mouth guards for them.

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