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Pediatric Fillings Vs. Pediatric Crowns

Childhood tooth decay is a condition, and the National Institute of dental and craniofacial research reports that nearly 42 percent of children between two and 11 have cavities. Unfortunately, parents often overlook cavi...

Read More January 1, 2023

Sedation Dentistry: General Anesthesia vs. IV Sedation

What Is Sedation in Dentistry? It is a medication that dentists administer before performing dental procedures. The role of sedation is to calm and relax your nerves, ensuring to remain still during treatments. Dentists ...

Read More December 12, 2022

Laser Frenectomy: Aftercare Instructions

What Is Laser Frenectomy? It is a surgical procedure for removing a frenulum with a laser. The frenulum is a small fold tissue that holds the tongue to regulate its motions. The fold is located underneath the tongue, con...

Read More November 3, 2022

How Long Do Kids Need Fluoride Treatments?

As a parent, it’s normal to feel responsible for your child’s dental hygiene, especially when they are still young and learning how to do things on their own. But helping your child brush their teeth every night ...

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Store Brought Vs. Custom Mouthguards — Urbach Pediatric Dentistry

Mouthguards are oral appliances worn over the teeth to protect them from injury from sporting activity and teeth grinding. Children are often involved in activities like playing and injuring themselves in their mouths. I...

Read More September 1, 2022

Why Are Dental Sealants Important for Kids?

Your kid develops their first molar at age 6 with deep grooves convenient for trapping food particles and plaque. Unfortunately, children love having sugary and starchy foods and find it challenging to remove food partic...

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How To Know If Your Filling Needs To Be Replaced?

How long has it been since you had your dental fillings replaced? According to statistics, an average adult has at least one dental filling. Dental fillings are a restorative dental procedure used in treating tooth decay...

Read More July 1, 2022

What to Expect After Sedation Dentistry? 

Since its invention, sedation dentistry has become an important aspect of modern-day dentistry, helping many patients fulfill their dental needs and have that fuller smile. This is because there are patients, especially ...

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Fluoride Treatment for Child: Benefits & Side Effects

The introduction of trace amounts of fluoride in American tap water has helped reduce tooth decay for over 70 years. Fluorinated water has reduced tooth decay by 25 percent, confirms the centers for disease control and...

Read More May 1, 2022

Laser Frenectomy Procedure and Recovery

Frenectomy is also known as frenotomy and refers to a medical procedure to cut or modify the binding tissues in the body. Frenectomy procedures are common mostly among children who suffer from tongue ties. Frenectomy sur...

Read More April 4, 2022
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