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What to Expect When Your Child Gets a Dental Crown

Importance of Baby Teeth and Dental Crowns As parents, we often wonder why baby teeth are so crucial when permanent teeth eventually replace them. Baby teeth play a crucial part in the oral development of children. They ...

Read More September 1, 2023

How to Prepare Your Child for Surgical Tooth Extraction?

If the baby tooth of your kid extends above the gum lining or has impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist conducts surgical tooth removal. There are also other cases where this process is necessary. The procedure for the remo...

Read More August 10, 2023

Fluoride Application in Pediatric Dentistry: Post-treatment Care

You can increase the fluoride intake in your kids either naturally or by getting regular fluoride treatment at the pediatric dental clinic near you. Fluoride treatment near you is a minimally invasive and safe way to pre...

Read More July 1, 2023

How to Care for Your Custom Mouth Guard for Longevity?

Children involved in sporting activities remain prone to injuries from impacts on their mouths, needing protective appliances to prevent significant damage. Mouthguards are incredible innovations as safety equipment in a...

Read More June 2, 2023

Tips to Prepare Your Child for Sedation Dentistry

Does your child have dental infections that need extensive treatment? Are you concerned about how sedation dentistry might impact them? It helps if you put your anxiety at rest because dentists are experts in administeri...

Read More May 1, 2023

Pulpotomy: Procedure, Recovery and Aftercare

Pulpotomy is a dental procedure that is utilized to save the life of a severely decayed or damaged tooth. A general pediatric dentist or an endodontist can perform this procedure. One of the major dental issues that this...

Read More April 1, 2023

Teeth Whitening for Kids: Purpose and Procedure

Does your kid have yellow, stained, or discolored teeth to make you think you must get them whitened? You may think bright and white teeth boost your kids’ self-esteem to enhance their confidence positively. Beside...

Read More March 1, 2023

Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist at a Young Age

Did you know that your overall oral health greatly influences your general well-being? Good oral health is often associated with good health, and the reverse is also true. This is why dentists worldwide encourage people ...

Read More February 1, 2023

Pediatric Fillings Vs. Pediatric Crowns

Childhood tooth decay is a condition, and the National Institute of dental and craniofacial research reports that nearly 42 percent of children between two and 11 have cavities. Unfortunately, parents often overlook cavi...

Read More January 1, 2023

Sedation Dentistry: General Anesthesia vs. IV Sedation

What Is Sedation in Dentistry? It is a medication that dentists administer before performing dental procedures. The role of sedation is to calm and relax your nerves, ensuring to remain still during treatments. Dentists ...

Read More December 12, 2022
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