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Approaching Emergency Dental Services for Kids

Dental injuries and emergencies are distressing both for parents and children. Unfortunately, such incidents are also widespread. Approximately 33% of all children have experienced some dental trauma during their early y...

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How and Why Pediatric Dentists Fix Cavities in Children?

Although children use a set of teeth which they will lose eventually, the collection of teeth must be maintained in healthy condition until the permanent teeth emerge from the gums. It is the reason why oral hygiene is e...

Read More August 5, 2020

Common Pediatric Dental Accidents and Emergencies

Children, between 18 and 40 months are prone to dental trauma and emergencies. These accidents are very common affecting about a third of the children. Pediatric dental trauma and emergencies occur at any time and should...

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Why Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams Are Essential for Preventive Dental Care

A critical part of preventive healthcare is regular dental cleanings and exams. The sanitation and exams are dreaded by many people who fear the prodding, occasional jaw comfort, and strange noises. However, most people ...

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Pediatric Dentistry 101: Pros & Cons of Choosing One

We all know that it is paramount to visit the dentist regularly, but when is the right time to start these visits? Some people think that the first dental visit should be after a child gets all her baby teeth, while othe...

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Have You Heard Of Laser Frenectomy? You Should And This Is What You Should Know

Frenectomy defines a procedure that involves cutting or modifying binding tissues of a body. These procedures are not as unique as you may think; they are common especially during the infancy stage of growth. While th...

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Are Dental Sealants Worth the Money?

Dental sealants are capable of preventing cavities in children and adults for years but are they worth the cost and any potential risks that have been spoken about? Researching for answers on this subject you may decide ...

Read More March 1, 2020

Some Interesting Facts about Sedation Dentistry You Did Not Know 

Anxiety is a common factor that prevents people from visiting a dentist. To comfort patients, sedation dentistry was introduced. Sedation dentistry in Houston, TX reduces stress and anxiety the patient has before every t...

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Routine Dental Cleanings and Exams

Over and over again, dentists and other dental experts have emphasized the need for regular dental visits. Patients, however, do not regard any of the emphasis with the seriousness it deserves. The question is, why would...

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How to Obtain Custom Mouth Guards You Need?

Purchasing mouthguards in any part of the United States should not be a difficult task for anyone because of the comfort of shopping from home using online marketplaces where these appliances are sold to just about every...

Read More December 1, 2019
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