Your child’s first visit

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First Visit

So you’ve scheduled your child’s first appointment at our Houston pediatric dental office? Welcome to the Urbach Pediatric Dentistry family! We have been providing infants, children, and teens in the Houston community with compassionate and quality care since 1945! Unlike general dentists in Houston, our practice is designed for younger patients and is quite unique in comparison. Our pediatric dental office is equipped with:

First Visit
  • Televisions
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Prizes

Our goal is to get your children excited about oral health, dental care and to provide exceptional treatments to every patient that enters our practice.

Your Child’s First Visit to Urbach Pediatric Dentistry in Houston

Prior to your child’s first visit to our Houston dental office, we ask that you complete medical, dental and personal history questionnaires. These questionnaires about your child allow us to gain a better understanding of your child’s medical and dental history along with familiarizing ourselves with your family.

During your child’s appointment, we will introduce your child to our dental office and answer any questions they may have. Treatment during your child’s first visit may include:

First Visit
  • Dental Examination
  • Teeth Polishing
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • X-Rays of Teeth (Depending upon age)

During their dental examination and cleaning, we will thoroughly explain and demonstrate each process to make them feel more comfortable during their visit.

Once their examination and cleaning have been completed, we will discuss your child’s oral health condition, dental care habits and any treatments that may be recommended. Any questions you or your child have will be answered, and we hope to provide a thorough understanding of their dental health and any treatment options so that you may make an educated and informed decision regarding their dental care.

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