Custom Mouth Guards in Houston, TX

custom mouth guards for kids?

Sports are an amazing pastime and hobby for children but can be a very risky activity for the safety of your children’s teeth, gums and mouth. In different sports, there are different pieces of equipment that help your child stay safe such as shin guards and helmets, but a mouthguard is something a child should never be without.

Why custom mouth guards for kids?

The National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that athletes that do not wear a mouthguard are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth and/or mouth and require dental work to fix it. As an additional level of safety, we encourage considering a custom mouth guard. While the differences between a generic mouth guard and a custom mouth guard may not seem evident, the American Dental Association estimates that around 200,000 injuries are prevented each year by wearing a custom mouthguard instead of a generic one. For children and teenagers, this is a very wise investment that can prevent needing future dental procedures and spending a lot of money.

Benefits of Custom Mouth Guards

A custom mouthguard is made after an impression is made of the mouth, so it fits into every area of your child’s uniquely shaped mouth. This reduction of space between the teeth and the mouthguard results in an increased absorption of shock. The custom mouth guard does a much better job of preventing that force and shock from getting to the teeth. It can also help keep the jaw in the best position, allowing your child to breathe easier and supporting proper jaw development.