Phase 1 Orthodontics in Houston, TX

Phase-1-Orthodontics Services

The largest benefit of taking advantage of early orthodontics lies in the malleability of a developing jaw. By taking early action, it won’t guarantee that further orthodontic treatment will not be necessary later, but it can help ensure later orthodontic treatments are less invasive.

Space Maintainers

If a tooth is removed due to decay or falls out earlier than expected, a space maintainer can be used to help support your child’s dental health. Space maintainers are custom made for your little one’s mouth, depending on what space needs to be maintained. If the space is not maintained, a domino effect can occur as the teeth start spreading and will require much more orthodontic treatments in the future.


By widening, or expanding, the circumference of the palate, the dental arch can be made to increase in order to allow more space for teeth to grow. There are many reasons that this treatment may be necessary, with the most common being:

  • Reduce or eliminate overcrowding – this makes space for your child’s teeth to break the gums and grow into correct positions.
  • Fix a crossbite – If the upper teeth are not closing around the outside of the lower teeth, this is called a crossbite and can lead to the asymmetrical growth of the lower jaw and potential facial asymmetry.
  • Improved ability to breathe – a narrow upper jaw can make it difficult to breathe and cause excessive mouth breathing, which can lead to halitosis and additional bacteria in the mouth.

It is very important to remember that investing in space maintainers and expanders now can make a huge difference in the future of your child’s oral health.

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