Soft-Tissue Laser Treatments in Houston, TX

Soft-Tissue Laser Treatments

Lasers have been one of the most helpful advancements in the dental field. Soft tissue based procedures like gum contouring and fighting gum disease was once a painful and difficult process, but lasers have made most procedures pain-free.

Why Laser Dentistry?

A laser is an intensely focused beam of light. By adjusting the wavelength, it can be used for many different treatments. It is an ideal option for soft tissue treatments because, in addition to removing tissue, it helps to reduce swelling and bleeding, while also sealing blood vessel and sealing nerve endings. The days of needing to cut the numb the area, cut the gums, stitch the gums and dealing with the blood are over!

Types of Soft-Tissue Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are ideal for fighting gingivitis and gum disease. The laser is focused on the gum tissue surrounding each involved tooth. This allows the root to be exposed and the area around the root can be thoroughly cleaned. This helps to reduce the number of bacteria in the area. It can help to reverse gingivitis and also stop gum disease from advancing.

Another popular use for lasers on soft tissue is for the contouring of the gums. Since every mouth is unique, some may have an excess of gum This can make teeth look shorter than they actually are and slightly move the teeth if the gum tissue grows between teeth. Lasers can quickly and easily remove this soft gum tissue while simultaneously sealing the nerve endings and blood vessels. This results in a pain-free and blood-free treatment.

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