Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

Dental Fillings Services

When decay begins in a tooth, it can create a cavity that needs to be filled. Many people disregard the need for fillings in primary teeth. If they are going to fall out anyway, why bother taking care of them? Taking care of your children’s primary teeth and making sure that all cavities are filled in order to stop the spread of decay is crucial for two main reasons:

  • The adult teeth are nestled underneath the primary teeth. If decay is allowed to continue to spread in a primary tooth, it can eventually reach the adult teeth underneath.
  • When primary teeth are lost before adult teeth have the chance to erupt, the other teeth end up moving out of alignment, and the adult teeth underneath will begin to erupt crooked.

Using dental fillings to make sure decay does not spread is a simple and small way of avoiding larger and more costly dental issues in the future. Unfortunately, primary teeth have weaker and thinner enamel, so they are more prone to cavities—especially if your little one has a sweet tooth!

Repairing Dental Cavities

Getting small cavities filled before they spread can help you avoid the need to get a dental crown on the tooth to properly restore it. If your child is a little nervous about getting their cavity filled, don’t worry! Using sedation, we can make sure that the process is smooth and easy. Sedation is particularly helpful when a child needs to get more than one cavity filled.

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