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Some Interesting Facts About Sedation Dentistry You Did Not Know 

February 1, 2020

Anxiety is a common factor that prevents people from visiting a pediatric dentist. To comfort patients, sedation dentistry was introduced. Sedation dentistry in Houston, TX reduces stress and anxiety the patient has before every treatment. Avoiding dental visits is not a solution to anxiety or dental phobia but sedation dentistry is. Instead of bearing with pain and decay, visit a dentist. Be it, adults or children, sedation dentistry satisfies everyone. He or she will comfort you discuss the patient, numb the surgical site, and perform the treatment. You will not feel any pain. The treatment will become painless. The reason for anxiety and dental phobia are countless. Here are some of the reasons why people avoid going to a dentist.

Horrifying Past Experiences

Experiences are the most important contributors to dental anxiety. If the experience at the clinic was not good, dental anxiety or phobia for the next visit is obvious. Kids feel the most anxious because, for them, dentistry is all about injections and extraction. The white coats terrify them. The pediatric dentist near you will explain it in more detail.

Treatment Involves Intense Pain

Not every dental treatment involves pain. People misperceive dentistry. Every procedure is not painful. The treatments that include pain have a solution called sedation dentistry. The treatment becomes painless.

Fear of Embarrassed

Kids and adults feel embarrassed before going to a dentist. They do not feel comfortable if someone looks into their mouths. The insecurity prevents people from visiting the pediatric dentist. This insecurity often results in dental anxiety or fear.

How Do You Recognize that You Have Dental Anxiety

Recognizing the dental anxiety in kids or adults is not a big problem. Here are some common symptoms that the pediatric dentist Houston, TX will identify:

  • Sleeplessness a night before the dental visit
  • Anxious and uncomfortable behavior in the clinic
  • A problem in breathing during the treatment
  • Shaky hands and sweaty feeling

Does Sedation Dentistry Satisfy Children

Sedation dentistry is for everyone. It is not restricted to the use of adults only. Children have the most intense fear of dentists. The white coat, instruments, and the dental chair are terrifying for them. It is important to satisfy them before the visit as well as during the treatment. Being a parent, you must comfort them and prepare them that the treatment is painless. The pediatric dentist near you will comfort them when you visit the clinic.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is not just one kind. There are four different options that you get to choose from. All four options work for the same purpose; reduction of dental fear and anxiety.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

IV or intravenous sedation is injected through the vein. This sedation has very strong effects. You are relieved from anxiety in no time. The strong effects result in sleep for most of the patients. Patients prepare a backup plan for returning home because the effects do not wear off quickly. You may not remember the steps of the procedure.

Oral Sedation

Liquids or medicines are used to numb the site of action. The effects take time to appear, therefore, the sedative is used earlier than the procedure starts. Your dentist may advise the intake 30 minutes before the treatment. The treatment becomes safer to perform.

Laughing Gas

Kids are usually scared of injections. Laughing gas can help them. The name is a bit ironic for the sedative because you do not laugh at all after inhaling the gas. A mask is fitted and gas is released. You inhale the amount prescribed by the dentist and the surgical site is numb. Patients especially the little ones sleep throughout the process.

Local Anesthesia

This is the most common type of sedative that dentists use. The effects are not very strong. The site of action is only numbed. This is an effective choice for both adults and kids. The medicine is injected in the veins and the site swells a little.

Sedation dentistry is an effective method of reducing the pain and releasing stress and anxiety. Urbach Pediatric Dentistry makes sure your kid does not feel pain or anxiety during the process. We will comfort your child first. If you are searching for a competent choice for your kid, visit us now.

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