When to Visit an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

When To Visit An Emergency Pediatric Dentist

July 1, 2019

Many dental set ups operate by appointment-only basis, there are others who offer emergency care and accommodate you even when sudden dental care is needed. Here’s a look at some cases where children need emergency Pediatric Dentist in 77098.

  • When a Child Fractures Their Tooth

Kids love to play and run around in closed spaces. Sometimes, while playing they can slip and have a tooth injury. If the tooth gets badly broken, fractured, or exposes the pulp, you need to see the Pediatric Dentist Houston, TX.

  • When a toothache gets bad

When an infection reaches to the inner tooth and gums, it can cause severe pain and become too much for the child to bear. The pediatric dentist will have to remove the infection and perform a dental restoration procedure.

  • When a child loses a milk tooth early

The milk tooth shouldn’t become loose until a permanent tooth is ready to erupt. If your child loses milk tooth way too early, they may face misaligned teeth in the future. You must take your child to the dentist within 24 hours of the tooth loss.

  • When a child loses a permanent tooth

If your child loses their permanent teeth, you must rush to the dentist as it can be reattached, provided you recover the broken tooth and take it to the dentist.

  • When there is a serious injury to the inner cheek or tongue

Children hurt themselves and may sustain injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth. When a parent sees uncontrollable bleeding, they must take the child to 24-Hour Dental Emergency Services.

  • When an object gets stuck in the tooth

Children get things stuck in their teeth or gums while playing. In this case, parents should see the pediatric dentist immediately for removing the object without causing any further injury.

Our emergency dentists are here for you when the unexpected happens

In case of a dental emergency, the emergency dental care is here to help you without any appointments at any hour of the day. Our emergency care has well qualified staff who are efficient in handling dental emergencies.

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