What You Should Know About Pulpotomies

What You Should Know About Pulpotomies

August 29, 2018

Has your child been complaining their tooth is sensitive or painful? Notice they have a cavity/hole in their tooth? Your child’s tooth pulp may be infected, decayed or damaged! At Urbach Pediatric Dentistry we are proud to offer pulpotomies in Houston, TX for little ones who are suffering from a decayed, damaged or infected tooth pulp.

About Our Houston Pulpotomies

A pulpotomy may be recommended if the pulp (inside of the tooth) of your child’s baby tooth has become decayed, damaged or infected. Inside of the tooth there is a pulp which contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue holding everything together. As the pulp becomes infected, damaged, or decayed, it typically causes discomfort, pain, and sensitivity. Some patients may even notice their tooth becoming darkened and discolored.

If baby teeth are close to falling out, your pediatric dentist Houston, TX may not recommend a pulpotomy. However, if the tooth still has a while to go, it may be the best option. Losing teeth too soon can actually negatively impact your child’s future smile.

Pulpotomy Process

Prior to a pulpotomy, your pediatric dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and surrounding area. During a pulpotomy, the pediatric dentist gently but thoroughly removed any infection, bacteria and decayed material. Next, the tooth root canal will be sterilized and filled. Depending upon the state of your child’s tooth, a dental crown may also be recommended for additional structural support and protection.

Pulpotomy After-Care

Following your child’s pulpotomy, discomfort, pain, and swelling are expected for the first few days. We recommend using cold compresses and over-the-counter medication to reduce the pain and swelling. If issues persist after a few days, please let us know.

Schedule Your Child’s Pulpotomy in Houston, TX Today

Think that your child would benefit from a pulpotomy in Houston? Schedule their appointment with Urbach Pediatric Dentistry today! We’d be happy to examine their smile to determine if a pulpotomy is the right treatment for them.

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