Tips to Prepare Your Child for Sedation Dentistry

May 1, 2023

Does your child have dental infections that need extensive treatment? Are you concerned about how sedation dentistry might impact them? It helps if you put your anxiety at rest because dentists are experts in administering dental sedation to children and adults. If your child frequents the pediatric dentist near you, rest assured the professional with specific knowledge of dealing with children will guide you in preparing your child for their procedure under sedation dentistry.

Regardless of age, chances of needing dental treatments under sedation become necessary. For example, your child may receive a recommendation for sedation dentistry if they suffer from dental anxiety, a gag reflex, need a lengthy procedure, require oral surgery, or have trouble sitting still in the dentist’s chair.

If you feel concerned about your child’s dental appointment, there is no reason to worry. Pediatric dentists help minimize your concerns by providing tips on preparing yourself and your child for the dental procedure by reading the information below.

Advice to Prep Your Child for Dental Sedation

  • Your Child Needs to Fast so Fast with Them

Children must fast for sedation dentistry appointments from the night before the procedure. The fasting enables the dentist to administer local anesthesia and ensure it works as desired. However, children don’t like fasting, just like adults. Therefore the best method to comfort your child and get them to fast for their appointment is to accompany them by remaining hungry. Your fasting will make them less likely to complain and feel comfortable knowing that a trusting family member is with them at every step.

  • Make Your Child Comfortable

If your child has received a suggestion for oral sedation dentistry, they will likely undergo a painful dental procedure that can frighten both your child and you. Make your child as comfortable as possible using the following tips for help.

  • Allow your child to wear whatever they want, including pajamas, for their appointment.
  • Let them carry their favorite toy or stuffed animal or their favorite blanket.
  • Provide affirmative words to boost their confidence.
  • Have your spouse accompany you when driving home because they can console your child after their appointment.
  • Excite your child by canceling all their plans already, including school.

Following the above tips will ensure your child feels better before, during, and after their appointment.

Comfort Your Child When Coming out of Sedation

Your child will react differently when coming out of sedation. They might feel scared, confused, sick, and drowsy. These reactions are normal and will subside as the anesthesia begins wearing off. Before your child’s discharge after their treatment under sedation dentistry near you, the dentist monitors them to ensure they are set up for healthy recovery and not confronting the unfortunate adverse effects of sedation which can occur rarely.

Honesty and Openness

Many children dislike being treated as children and prefer being well-informed about their procedure, why it is necessary, and how they will feel later because it puts them at ease. Although you may try to protect your child by avoiding discussion about the intricacies of their procedure, the strategy could be more effective. Therefore you must not hesitate to discuss the finer aspects of their surgery and the benefits it delivers by being open and honest with them.

Be A Role Model

Your child will model their behavior after you. From infancy, they will look at you and mimic your actions. If you want to be a role model for your child, you must remain calm and confident to make them behave similarly. On the other hand, if you are nervous about your child’s dental procedure, they will likely notice your anxiousness to start behaving similarly. Therefore you must do your best to act with confidence regardless of how scared you are to ensure it rubs off on your child to make them feel more comfortable.

Children are constantly affected by chronic tooth decay and cavities, making them candidates for dental procedures under sedation dentistry. While the dental process will likely scare the child, it can also make you anxious when you don’t know how to prepare your young one for an appointment. However, use the tips mentioned in this article before visiting sedation dentistry in Houston, TX. You will help your child remain comfortable before, during, and after their appointment to enjoy better dental and overall health.

Urbach Pediatric Dentistry sedates many children and provides intensive treatments to benefit their oral health. If your child needs dental treatments under sedation, kindly do not hesitate to visit them to receive comprehensive instructions on preparing your child for their sedation dentistry appointment.