Laser Frenectomy Procedure and Recovery

Laser Frenectomy Procedure And Recovery

April 4, 2022

Frenectomy is also known as frenotomy and refers to a medical procedure to cut or modify the binding tissues in the body. Frenectomy procedures are common mostly among children who suffer from tongue ties. Frenectomy surgeries at tender age give ample time to recover and a few stretching exercises can help the baby adapt to the modifications.

What is Frenectomy?

The word “frenum” refers to a small piece of small soft tissue that is connected to the gums and lips. If the frenum is too long or short, it might affect the normal functionality of the child as breastfeeding, speech development, or swallowing.

Frenectomy is the surgical procedure to reverse the undesirable effects of the frenum that might be either too small or too long. Generally, a frenectomy is performed to reduce the frenum that is too tight or too long. Frenectomies are more common in children as it hinders the regular functionality of the child. Laser frenectomy is the same procedure as that of normal frenectomy, the only difference is the use of a laser instead of a scalpel. The use of a laser reduces the risk of infection and loss of blood.

The Procedure

In most cases, a frenectomy is a simple procedure wand performed under the influence of local anesthesia. You may opt for laser frenectomy near me to reduce the chances of infection and blood loss. After the initial consultation with the dentist or pediatrician, the person getting the frenectomy procedure needs to be administered while lying face up. You might need to hold your child during the procedure.

The dentist applies a topical anesthetic to ensure the patient does not experience pain and discomfort. The orthodontist quickly snips the frenum with laser, scalpel, or surgical scissors. The lips might need a few stitches close to the incision if the lip tie is complicated. The whole procedure can take a maximum of 15 minutes and the patient can go home the same day.

Correcting lip tie or tongue tie is the primary use of frenectomy among children. Infants with these conditions are not efficient in breastfeeding and can lead to steady weight loss. Frenectomy in infants is a relatively simple procedure and the complications are minimal.

With age, the structure of the oral cavity changes significantly. If you can speak, eat, and drink normally without any problem, you would not need to get a frenectomy. But, the frenum can pull the gums away from the lower teeth leading to gum recession. It may also cause a hindrance to the tongue’s ability to pull or move the lips. Frenectomy surgery in adults takes more recovery time than that of infants.

Types of Frenectomy

Pediatric dentist Houston, TX performs frenectomy in infants. The different types of frenectomy treatments include:

Lingual Frenectomy

The lingual frenum connects the tongue to the mouth. You would feel the lingual frenum being stretched underneath the tongue on touching the roof of the mouth with your tongue. The length of the lingual frenum differs from person to person and some might be born with a shorter lingual frenum, restricting the tongue’s movement. Tongue-tie can interfere with breastfeeding and swallowing of the child and needs surgical treatment.

Maxillary Frenectomy

The maxillary or labial frenum connects the upper lip to the gums, right till the front of the teeth. The short labial frenum can develop complexity in speech and is a type of lip adhesion. Lip adhesion can develop issues with dental development and make it difficult to clean the gums and front teeth thoroughly.

Recovery After Frenectomy

The recovery time after performing frenectomy is less and the process is straightforward. Keeping the site of surgery clean Is the primary condition for fast healing after frenectomy for infants. The adults might need to limit intake of food in the first few days after frenectomy. Food stuck in the frenectomy site can lead to infections. The dentist can prescribe oral antibiotics to keep infections at bay.

The healing should begin in a day or two after frenectomy, and the area begins to scar after a week. Once the scarring starts, you can resume the regular activities. Visiting the pediatric dentist at regular intervals is a must to ensure better healing. If are looking for laser frenectomy near you, then Urbach Pediatric Dentistry might be a good option. You may book an appointment here and avail various facilities. We are also open on Saturdays for your convenience.

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