Laser Frenectomy: Effective Treatment For Tongue-Tie

Laser Frenectomy: Effective Treatment For Tongue-Tie

August 3, 2021

A frenectomy is a procedure of cutting a tongue tie that separates the tongue from the floor of the month. A tongue-tie is a condition characterized by the tongue being fused to the floor of the mouth. While most people are born with a normal separation of the tongue and the floor of the mouth, this condition affects 15% of the world’s population.

A tongue-tie can cause several problems for a baby due to the tongue’s skin being fused to the floor of the mouth and distorting normal functioning. A frenectomy is usually the only proven way to treat the condition, and this article is focused on how to successfully perform a frenectomy near me.

Diagnosing A Tongue-Tie

Babies that have a heart-shaped tongue when they cry usually have a tongue tie. In other cases where the tongue forms a cup-shape because the floor of the mouth seems to be tenting with the tongue, then the tie is known as a posterior tongue tie. Babies experiencing this tongue-tie cannot move their tongue from side to side or lift the tongue. Babies that have a tongue tie would also have difficulties during breastfeeding.

Problems That Result From A Tongue-Tie

Children with a tongue tie would have speech difficulties and won’t get sufficient milk during breastfeeding. In addition, they could become prone to gum disease and tooth decay as a result of poor oral hygiene, and also, these children find it challenging to lick or kiss.

These issues that could result from a tongue tie might not be severe but could affect your child’s self-esteem and ability to interact socially as they grow. To help your child enjoy good health and stay happy, you have to take them to the doctor so that a frenectomy can be used to treat their tongue issue.

Why Is Tongue-Tie Bad For Your Baby?

It can be frustrating and tiring if you cannot breastfeed your baby effectively. It can drain your baby mentally and physically when trying too hard to extract the milk from the breast. This can cause pains, bruises, and injuries to the mother’s breast, which can cause a breast infection while the baby would suffer from malnutrition, thereby putting their health at risk.

Laser Frenectomy

This is a quick and safe method of separating the tongue from the frenum where the laser is used in the separation without cutting the soft tissue or damaging the soft tissue.

Advantages Of Laser Frenectomy

  • No stitches are required.
  • No downtime.
  • No needles are required.

Successful Breastfeeding Immediately After The Procedure

  • The laser helps to seal the nerve endings, which reduces the pain that the baby will feel.
  • No risk of infection.
  • Babies can be held by their mothers during the procedure.
  • The laser helps to cauterize the tissue during the process, which results in minor bleeding.

Advantages Of A Frenectomy

  • Adequate stimulation of milk production.
  • Pain-free breastfeeding experience.
  • It reduces the child’s chances of tooth decay and gum disease, thereby allowing the tongue to cleanse the mouth.
  • It helps avoid speech issues.
  • It normalizes a good swallowing pattern.
  • It helps to prevent the risk of choking.
  • It enhances essential tongue functions.

Having a laser frenectomy is very delicate, and only an expert medical practitioner must be the one to perform the procedure. However, you must consult your dentist for advice to know if you are fit for the procedure. If you do not have a dentist, you can search laser frenectomies near me, or pediatric dentist near me to get a local listing of dental clinics near you to book an appointment. For example, live in Houston, TX or, near Houston, TX. You can get a dentist near your residence by searching laser frenectomies Houston TX, Urbach Pediatric Dentistry or pediatric dentist Houston TX to book an appointment.

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