How and Why Pediatric Dentists Fix Cavities in Children

How And Why Pediatric Dentists Fix Cavities In Children?

August 5, 2020

Although children use a set of teeth which they will lose eventually, the collection of teeth must be maintained in healthy condition until the permanent teeth emerge from the gums. It is the reason why oral hygiene is essential from the time baby teeth begin to emerge. It is crucial to start teaching children proper oral hygiene habits at an early age.

Despite your best efforts to ensure proper oral hygiene, cavities can still affect children because of their eating habits and improper oral health. There is no difference between cavity care for children and adults because it is essential to preserve teeth.

Primary Teeth Need Fillings As Well

Baby teeth are not permanent, but they are the only set your child will have during the initial years until the permanent teeth begin to emerge. For preserving your child’s oral health, a pediatric dentist near you will choose to restore the cavities in the primary teeth and fill or crown them as appropriate. The adult teeth receive help from primary teeth to erupt correctly. Therefore losing the primary teeth before the permanent teeth are ready to emerge is not suitable for the child’s oral health.

Dental Fillings for Tooth Decay

Dental fillings for children are developed from white composite or metal just as they are for adult teeth. Alternative filling and crown materials such as gold and ceramic are rarely used for children. Metal fillings are quite popular because they do not require much time to put in and are inexpensive when compared to composite fillings. Your child may not prefer metal fillings because of their appearance, but using cost-effective materials for the restorations on teeth that will ultimately fall out is a smart option. Your dental insurers may also dictate the variety of fillings your child can get.

When placing the fillings pediatric dentist Houston, TX, will drill the child’s tooth as required. Depending on the extent of damage the cavity has caused pediatric dentist West University will fill or crown the tooth by creating one specifically for the child. The child must continue maintaining proper oral hygiene to care for the fillings or crowns regardless of whether the restorations are performed on primary or permanent teeth.

Tooth Decay Is a Recurrent Problem

The pediatric dentist Boulevard Oaks works patiently to remove all the decay in the tooth, but it is a recurrent problem. Teeth with cavities between them are prone to cavity recurrence even after removing the decay and filling them. When the decay returns dental fillings in Houston, TX, must replace the fillings by taking care of the new decay and restoring the tooth.

Fillings and Crowns Are Also Needed for Trauma and Other Issues

Tooth decay is not the only reason why children need fillings. If the child is affected by trauma to the tooth, causing a crack, it requires a filling. Other issues like improperly shaped or underdeveloped teeth and chipped teeth also need fillings as a restoration. In such instances, dentists often opt for crowns on the front and back teeth instead of fillings. The crowns provide a comprehensive correction to the damaged or misshapen tooth than fillings.

Extractions Are Needed in Some Instances

Preserving the primary teeth is essential for the dental care of childrens dentist Houston. The reason for the preservation is because it maintains sufficient space for the adult teeth to emerge. However, early extractions are sometimes necessary and are performed by the dentist, particularly if the decay is advanced and is causing pain and commissions for your child. Dentists usually fill the gap from where the tooth is expected with prosthetics to maintain adequate space for the adult teeth to emerge.

Dentists Administer Nitrous Oxide to Children Needing Restorations

When children need cavities filled, dentists at times use nitrous oxide or laughing gas as it is commonly popular to relieve anxiety and distract them from the pain associated when the tooth needs to be drilled and filled. Unfortunately, nitrous oxide is not effective on all children, and some may need sedation when performing the procedure.

Adults are not the only ones with tooth decay to need dental fillings. The problem is chronic among children, and most in America have tooth decay on at least one of the teeth before reaching school-age. Qualified Houston pediatric dentistry, can drill and fill the child’s tooth to ensure the infection doesn’t advance to need more intensive treatments.

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