Dentist Explains Why Mouth Guards for Kids Are So Important

Dentist Explains Why Mouth Guards For Kids Are So Important

May 1, 2019

As a parent, it might be quite common for you to see your child play their favorite sport. However, have you ever imagined what if someday you are cheering your child on the ground and they suddenly take a hard hit? The only option that you will be left with is, rushing to the emergency room or a pediatric dentist in 77098 to get them treated for the severe injury.

The Pediatric Dentist near Houston says that incidents like these are too common for the children who play sports but a custom mouth guard can save your child from dental injuries and help in keeping them healthy and safe.

Preventing Oral Injuries

Some sports need the players to wear mouth guards but even if your child is not into contact sports, a mouth guard is a good idea. Because you never know what might happen on the field. Mouth injuries are common even in sports like baseball and track and field. The guard will serve as a shield over your child’s teeth and it can go a long way in preventing injuries to lips, tongue, face, and jaw. It cushions blows and helps in keeping the smile in working condition.

Preventing Concussions

Losing a tooth or suffering another oral injury is not something that can be taken lightly and some sports come with even worse dangers. Concussions are a concern in football and other contact sports but a mouth guard can help in preventing these incidents also. But you need to know that just any mouth guard will not do the needful. Players wearing custom mouth guards are less likely to suffer from mild traumatic brain injury. According to Pediatric dentist Houston, TX, the mouth guards can absorb shock and stabilize the neck and head.

Delivering Comfort

A mouth guard that you pick from the local store will provide a low level of protection for your child and it may be extremely uncomfortable. It is always recommended to buy a custom-made mouth guard which fits well in your child’s mouth so that there is lesser risk of injuries.

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