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Dental Fillings For Kids: What You Need To Know

March 11, 2018

It is a common occurrence for children to get cavities in their early years of life. As a parent, you may try your best to keep them protected by teaching them good brushing habits, but even your best efforts may still lead to cavities. Urbach Pediatric Dentistry provides dental fillings for your child. Read on to know what to expect if your child needs a dental filling.

When We Use Dental Fillings for Kids

When a tooth begins to decay, it may create a cavity that will need to be filled. Catching tooth decay early will eliminate future problems down the road. Our pediatric dentist can catch decay early before it causes unnecessary tooth pain for your child. What is the process for dental fillings for kids? To begin, our pediatric dentists will provide light sedation or numb the area, allowing them to remove the decayed area of the tooth. They will then clean the area and place a filling.

What types of dental fillings are used for kids? Maybe pediatric dentists prefer to use a tooth-colored filling for children’s dentist Houston. These match with their natural teeth making the dental filling look unnoticeable. We want to encourage good oral health habits and avoid making them feel self-conscious.

Dental fillings for kids can be comfortable! Your child is our priority at Urbach Pediatric Dentistry. We provide light sedation if your child needs it to help them relax and not stress about their procedure. Dental fillings are a pain-free experience. Our pediatric dentists recommend your child visit us at least twice a year. Call Urbach Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule a checkup for your child!

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