Common Pediatric Dental Accidents and Emergencies

Common Pediatric Dental Accidents and Emergencies

June 1, 2020

Children, between 18 and 40 months are prone to dental trauma and emergencies. These accidents are very common affecting about a third of the childrens dentist Houston.
Pediatric dental trauma and emergencies occur at any time and should be treated with urgency. If left unattended, these dental emergencies and trauma can lead to other dental and health complications.

As a parent, it is essential to know about the common pediatric emergencies, what to do, and when to visit a pediatric dentist near you. In this post, we list five of the common pediatric dental accidents and emergencies.

1. Knocked Teeth

Both primary or permanent teeth can get dislodged during play or after a fall. But, regardless of the type of tooth affected, it is critical to visit an emergency pediatric dentist in Houston, TX.
Primary and permanent teeth are critical to the dental health of the child and any injury should be treated with urgency.

The dentist will determine the ideal dental treatment and whether the teeth need extraction or not. However, first aid can help save the tooth:

  • Recover the lost tooth if it is completely dislodged from the socket. Pick it up using the crown (the exposed surface) and don’t touch the root.
  • Rinse off any dirt and don’t scrub the teeth or use soap
  • For older children, try to place the tooth back to the socket. Submerge the tooth in milk, if the child is younger, to prevent them from swallowing it
  • Use a piece of gauze pad if there is bleeding
  • Contact Urbach Pediatric Dentistry for assistance within an hour of the accident. It is easy for the pediatric dentist Houston, TX to save the teeth if treatment is initiated early

Although the dentist will not replant the primary teeth, it is important to come with it to the clinic for assessment. The pediatric dentist will also check the jawbone for any damage and recommend the necessary treatment such as space maintainers (if the baby teeth fell off before its time).


Toothache can cause great distress in children. Unlike in adults, toothache in kids is rarely without a cause. Tooth pain can be caused by several factors such as emerging teeth, chipped teeth, cracked enamel, missing filling, tooth erosion, and decay.

  • Using mildly warm salt water can help relieve the tenderness
  • An ice pack can reduce twinges
  • Remove any food particles stuck in between the gums
  • Contact the pediatric dentist if the pain persists

3. Tooth Displacement

Tooth displacement can occur in two ways; either the teeth will get displaced but remains attached to the socket or completely displaced from the socket.

In most cases, when the primary teeth get misplaced, they can heal without treatment. However, visit an emergency pediatric dentist near you if the permanent teeth are displaced in any form. Treatment should be initiated immediately, but in the meantime:

• Use a cold and moist compress on the affected tooth
• Try using pain relievers

4. Broken Tooth

The crown is the part that sustains pressure during trauma and is likely to get fractured. The tooth can get minor fracture (not an emergency) or severely fractured where the pulp gets exposed. In severe cases, the teeth and gum can get discolored, so visit Houston pediatric dentistry if you notice any discoloration.

  • Use warm water to rinse the mouth
  • Place a cold pack on the affected area
  • Pain relievers can also help

5. Dental Concussion

A dental concussion occurs when the mouth has received a knock or direct impact, but the teeth are not fractured or dislodged from the socket. A dental concussion can cause temporary or permanent discoloration depending on the severity. Usually, dental concussion does not require any emergency treatment. However, if the tooth starts to turn black, it is an indication that it is dying and need urgent treatment.

Take Action!

Any time your child experiences mouth injury, it is good to seek emergency dental treatment. Prompt treatment can save teeth and prevent any further complications. Visit Urbach Pediatric Dentistry for treatment, whether the injury is minor or severe.

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