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Sedation Dentistry Options: What are the Differences?

Dental phobia or dental anxiety are very common variations of the same fear that keep many men and women from coming to the dentist office. This phobia very often keeps individuals from getting the necessary dental care ...

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Why Would You Need a Dental Crown?

If your pediatric dentist suggests to you that your child may need a dental crown, you may wonder why it’s necessary if they have never had one before when they’ve had a cavity. Typically, a simple filling can be use...

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Dental Fillings for Kids: What You Need to Know

It is a common occurrence for children to get cavities in their early years of life. As a parent, you may try your best to keep them protected by teaching them good brushing habits, but even your best efforts may still l...

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Why Your Child Should Visit a Pediatric Dentist

When it comes to selecting a doctor for your child, chances are you probably went to a pediatrician, right? Well choosing a dentist for your child should be no different. Pediatric dentists are the “pediatricians” of...

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