Approaching Emergency Dental Services for Kids

Approaching Emergency Dental Services For Kids

September 1, 2020

Dental injuries and emergencies are distressing both for parents and children. Unfortunately, such incidents are also widespread. Approximately 33% of all children have experienced some dental trauma during their early years, with more having experienced a dental emergency.

The risk factors of dental trauma are between the ages of 18 to 40 months when the child begins to explore the environment and again during the pre-adolescent and adolescent period when the child experiences sporting injuries.

Mentioned below are some of the most common emergencies among children and some helpful tips to deal with them effectively. Dental emergencies and injuries among children and adults are not different, but the child could create a scene because he or she doesn’t understand what’s going on and how the issue should be expressed to the parent. To deal with such cases and prevent anxiety, parents must ensure they have the contact number of the pediatric dentist open near me where they can get treatment for the child. It would be helpful if they used information about dental emergencies for adults and tried to calm the child similarly. It would help them ease the anxiety among themselves until they can reach the emergency pediatric dentist in Houston, TX, for attention the child needs. Let us look at some situations children may experience that will need prompt attention.


Children of all ages suffer from toothaches, which rarely occurs without reason. Young children’s teeth are often impacted by food particles, which can easily be dislodged using a toothbrush or dental floss. However, if the pain does not subside, parents must contact emergency pediatric dentistry near me for assistance because the child could be suffering from tooth decay, dental trauma, fractures of the tooth, and wisdom teeth eruption.

When children complain about toothaches, parents must clean the mouth of the child using warm water, taking care to ensure not to medicate or warm the affected tooth or the neighboring gum area. They can check for food particles trapped between the teeth and remove them as required. Applying a cold compress to the affected area will help reduce swelling, and contacting pediatric dentist Houston, TX, to seek advice will prove helpful.

Dental Avulsion

If children have knocked out a tooth entirely from its socket, it is imperative to contact emergency dental services for kids in Houston, TX, immediately. The childrens dentist Houston, TX, will attempt to reimplant the knocked-out tooth permanent tooth unless the trauma has caused irreparable damage. If the knocked-out tooth is primary, the pediatric dentist will not try to reimplant the same because it can cause damage to the tooth bud and the emerging permanent tooth. However, the parents must visit the pediatric dentist Houston, TX, within 60 minutes to have the tooth successfully reimplanted if it is a permanent tooth.

When children report, a knocked-out tooth, parents must recover the tooth by handling it by the crown and rinse off any debris with water without scrubbing the roots. The tooth must be stored in a cup of fresh milk to keep it moist. Whenever possible, the pediatric dentist must be visited immediately, or the child must be taken to an emergency room. Time is of critical importance if the tooth must be saved.

Lip or An Injuries

If a child’s lip or tongue is bleeding due to an accidental bite or cut parents can apply direct pressure to the area using a clean cloth. A cold compress can be applied to the affected area to reduce swelling. If the bleeding is severe, parents must proceed to an emergency room or call a medical professional at the earliest.

As can be seen, the nature of dental emergencies among adults and children is not significantly different, but stress among children can double the anxiety in parents. It would prove helpful if parents attempted to understand how they can manage children’s emergencies whenever they occur and have the contact details of a pediatric emergency dentist in Houston in their possession. Not only will the information prove helpful in unexpected situations, but it will also help reduce anxiety among adults.

Parents must display the presence of mind and head in the right direction whenever their child reports a dental emergency or injury of any kind. They must also be prepared for children’s dental emergencies because the kids are running around in school and even at home and can sustain injuries to the mouth at any time of the day or night.

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