5 Facts about Your Sports Mouth Guard

5 Facts About Your Sports Mouth Guard

May 16, 2019

Playing contact sports increases the risk of breaking teeth or require tooth replacement. Get customised mouth guard from a pediatric dentist.

A mouth guard protects teeth from getting damaged. Therefore, you can maintain good oral health and avoid a need for emergency pediatric dentist while playing sports.

Learn the 5 facts about the sports mouth guard from a pediatric dentist-

1. Mouth guards protect your teeth

The risk for oral injury increases when you walk onto the football field or step into the boxing ring. Ask a pediatric dentist in 77098 about getting a sports mouth guard. It is an oral appliance that fits over your upper teeth.

The dentist creates the customised mouth guard for the sport you play.

2. You can get a mouth guard for braces

Do you have teeth braces? Even if you are in the middle of orthodontic treatment, you require a Mouthguard to protect your teeth. Pediatric dentist in Houston recommends an upper and lower Mouthguard so your braces don’t snag on soft tissue.

3. You only need a mouth guard for top teeth

Many people don’t want to wear a bulky oral appliance during sports. A mouth guard is custom-fit and allows you to breathe easily and comfortably. You need a mouth guard for top teeth unless you have braces or any fixed orthodontic appliance.

4. Clean your mouth guard

Is your mouth guard giving you bad breath? If you don’t clean your mouth guard after every practice and game, it lets bacteria flourish.

Simply scrub your mouth with a toothbrush and rinse it under cold water. Store them in a dry ventilated container.

5. Replace your mouth guard every 6 months

Your dental mouth guard won’t last forever. For the best protection, pediatric dentist Houston, TX recommends replacing your teeth guard every 6 months. Once it starts showing signs of wear and tear, visit your pediatric dentist.

Visit a pediatric dentist near you to learn about the sports mouth guards and other preventive dentistry services. They help in maintaining healthy smiles.

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