3 Reasons Why Your New Dentist Needs Your Treatment Records

3 Reasons Why Your New Dentist Needs Your Treatment Records

June 1, 2019

A good pediatric dentist in 77098 makes it a point to maintain the records of each and every patient who has visited them even once. The records are not just confined to the number of visits, but also includes X-rays, problems you have faced, prescriptions given to you and so much more. This helps in maintaining a record of your health and transferring all the data if you plan to switch the doctor for any reason. This is why the pediatric dentist near Houston, TX is famous amongst the patients. Your new dentist requires your previous treatment records for the following reasons:

Your Individual Dental History

When you change your dentist, it becomes important to have your dental history and records so that the new Houston sedation dentist doesn’t need to begin from the scratch. The new dentist can treat you in a better way than you expect them to. The records are important because:

Every patient is unique and every one of them has different issues which need a unique approach to deal with. Thus, the treatment will differ as per the patient’s history.

When the pediatric dentists are well aware of your past health or dental issues, they are in a better position to suggest the next treatment as per your needs.

Time and Money

Time and money is an important factor for the patients as well. The records must be shared as you have already spent a lot of time and money on previous treatments. It would be sheer waste of money to undergo the same tests and procedures again with the new pediatric dentists. The previous records can help the new dentist in assessing your previous x-rays, oral conditions, and the treatments performed.

Coordinating Dental Care with Your General Health

Your dental health also affects your overall health. Your previous records help the pediatric dentist in knowing if your oral condition is a result of any underlying health condition or vice versa. It also helps in determining if you are receiving the right treatment for your issue or not.

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