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“Mark A. Urbach, D.D.S., P.A. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry”

“All Aboard for Healthy Smiles!”


With the Disney movies, video games, prizes, stickers, electric trains, and the child-friendly dental team, like many others, your children will be asking, “When do we get to go back to Dr. “Mickey” Mark’s office?”

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first dental exam should be by age one. Dr. Mark A. Urbach, a Houston pediatric dentist, says that a visit to his “Cavity Busters” office at 4101 Greenbriar at the Southwest Freeway is a must for the early prevention, detection, and treatment of dental problems. Infants, children, teens, and even Moms and Dads will enjoy taking a “ride” on the Happy Tooth Train to healthy smiles!!

Dr Mark A. Urbach and his team of professionals have many years of experience and knowledge in pediatric dentistry. Helping children learn the basics of being a “cavity buster”: brushing, flossing, eating healthy snacks, using fluorides properly, and having sealants applied to the chewing surfaces are important daily goals. Modern equipment, such as Computerized Digital X-rays, provides safer and faster pictures while reducing the normal dental X-ray radiation by 90%.

Weekday and Saturday visits, as well as 24 hour emergency services are available by calling (713) 522-6366. Dr. Mark A. Urbach and his cavity-busting staff are looking forward to meeting your family.

Urbach Pediatric Dentistry

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