Pre-Op Instructions

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Pre-Op Instructions for Oral Sedation Visit


1. In the week before your scheduled appointment, please notify us of any change in your child’s health and/or medical condition. Fever, sore throat, ear infection, nasal or chest congestion, or recent head trauma could place your child at increased risk for complications so contact us at 713-522-6366. It may be necessary to postpone the appointment.


2. Tell us about any prescribed, over-the-counter, or herbal medications your child is taking. Check with us to see if routine medications should be taken the day of the sedation.


3. MOST IMPORTANT!!! Do not give your child any food for at least 6 hours before the scheduled appointment unless advised otherwise.


4. Small amounts of clear liquids such as water, apple juice, and jello may be given up to 4 hours before the appointment.


5. Please arrive at the office at the time you are told. The actual sedation and treatment of your child may be 30-60 minutes after you arrive depending on the medicine that is used.


6. Try not to bring other children to this appointment so you can focus your attention on your child undergoing the sedation.


7. We recommend that you bring another adult with you to the sedation visit. We feel it is very important for you to concentrate on caring for your child when you are traveling home and the other adult can concentrate on driving.


8. Please feel free to let your child bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Dress your child in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.


9. Make sure your child uses the bathroom before the sedation appointment. A diaper for younger children is recommended.


10. Your child will be evaluated before he/she can be sent home to be sure it is safe. Children recover from the effects of sedatives at different rates so be prepared to remain at our office until the doctor determines he/she is ready to go home. At discharge, your child should be responsive but may be drowsy, crying or fussy.


11. IMPORTANT!!! Asthma is a serious condition effecting dental treatment. If your child has been diagnosed with Asthma or any Respiratory Tract Disorder and has been prescribed an inhaler and / or nebulizer, it is important to bring them to your child’s treatment appointment. We may ask your child to take preventative breaths of his / her inhaler before treatment. We may also ask to keep the inhaler with the patient during his/her treatment in case a respiratory complication occurs. Failure to bring the inhaler and / or nebulizer may result in cancellation of the appointment.


12. On the day of the sedation appointment, you are encouraged to stay with your child after they take their medication while it is taking effect. Once the medication has begun taking effect, we will bring your child into the treatment room to begin monitoring him/her. During treatment, all parents must remain in the waiting room unless otherwise directed.

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