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Houston Pediatric Dentist for Healthy Smiles and FUN!

At Urbach Pediatric Dentistry, we make it our mission to give children healthy, beautiful smiles in a fun environment. Our Houston Pediatric Dentist, gives children more reasons to smile with video games, Disney movies, stickers, and prizes at our “Cavity Busters” office. Infants, children, and teens, even Mom and Dad, will have a lot of fun hopping aboard the Happy Tooth Train to sparkling smiles.

Dr. Mark A. Urbach, has years of experience not only in dental processes but also in teaching children and their parents the importance of an early oral hygiene regimen. Our tradition of exceptional dental care has continued throughout three generations of Urbach dentists and we are proud to be taking care of the grandchildren of our original clients! Call us today so that we can provide the same genuine care to your children.

Urbach Pediatric Dentistry

Fighting Cavity Made Fun

Dr. Mark A. Urbach and his team of professionals delight in teaching children how to be “cavity busters”. Children learn the proper way to brush, floss, and use fluorides. The importance of eating healthy snacks and applying sealants on chewing surfaces are also explained so that every child understands how vital daily oral hygiene practices are.

A child’s first dental exam should be done by age one, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The timeframe may be surprising to parents, but starting dental visits early is essential in preventing cavities. Many children nowadays have cavities even at the early age of two—cavities that could have been prevented with a timely visit to the dentist.

For early prevention, detection, and treatment of dental problems, we utilize modern equipment to provide a safer and highly-efficient service. Our Computerized Digital X-rays allow faster visualization while reducing the normal dental X-Ray radiation level down by 90%. Aside from our weekday and Saturday office hours, you can also call us anytime for 24 hour emergency services.

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Enjoyable Dental Visits

Urbach Pediatric Dentistry gives children more reasons to smile. A visit to a pediatric dentist has never been more enjoyable with an engaging, welcoming environment for the entire family. Little brothers and sisters can even watch their older siblings’ experience and anticipate the fun they will have too.

What makes our own brand of dentistry for children different is that we want your children to have a wonderful experience in every visit. Schedule an appointment today so that you and your child can have an amazing time at our dental office in Houston, TX. With all the fun things we have to offer and our caring staff, your children will be asking, “When do we get to go back to Dr. ‘Mickey’ Mark’s office?”

Smile brighter with a Houston Pediatric Dentist that cares. Call us at (713) 522-6366 or kindly visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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